QA Engineer
Deadline: 11 June 2018
Employment term: Permanent
Category: Quality Assurance /Control
Job type: Full time
Location: Yerevan
Job description:
Are you on a mission to change Armenia and the world by working on a brand new educational app? Then we’re looking for you!
Join us at TUMO’s very own in-house software product team as we build a cutting edge, AI driven online learning platform to be scaled from Paris to Moscow, right through to every town and city in Armenia!
The TUMO Product QA Automation Engineer will be responsible for validation of the quality, performance and security of TUMO’s new, cloud based, microservice driven global education product suite, which includes the an interactive online learning platform, an AI driven learning assistant and a fully featured student management app.
You’ll be excited to help us with designing test strategies and frameworks for automation, and test planning, implementation, execution, and reporting.
You’ll have significant automation and manual test experience in large-scale product teams, as well as the ability to build relationships with team members across the TUMO organisation. You’ll be working closely with the head of software development, senior engineers and our design team to ensure an awesome level of quality for our students
In exchange for your awesome experience and skills we’ll give you a competitive salary, access to the numerous events and learning session that take place with tech professionals from around the world at TUMO - as well as health insurance and other great employee benefits.
Plus - you get to go home from work knowing that you did something awesome for the future of Armenia, and beyond!
  • Getting involved in all phases of our product design and development, including sprint planning preparation, implementation, and execution of manual and automated tests, bug reporting and verification, and reporting results
  • Design and develop automation frameworks and test suites to test our TUMO products working with Engineers, Product Owners, and others
  • Recommend, and implement frameworks, approaches, and test strategies to help our engineers execute their own unit tests too
  • Ensure that the most important aspects of our product suite are covered by tests, with the goal to ensure robust automated regression tests which will run at every integration cycle
  • Consistently improve test automation infrastructure and coverage
  • Champion quality throughout the development process
Required qualifications:
  • B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent
  • 3+ years' industry experience in QA or Software Engineering
  • 1 + years' experience designing, implementing, and executing automated tests
  • Experience developing or testing cloud-based microservices AWS, Azure, or similar platforms
  • Mastery of Python, Perl, JavaScript, or similar scripting languages
  • Experience using common automation frameworks
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, collaboration, and presentation skills
  • Comfortable engaging cross-functional partners including development teams, system architects, product management, and Support
  • Strong sense of ownership, passionate, fast learner, detail-oriented, analytical mindset, perfection seeker.
  • Familiarity with version control, bug tracking, and CI / CD systems and procedures One or more of the following are highly desirable:
  • Knowledge of dynamic server coding environments such as NodeJS a plus
  • Experience with cloud-based distributed applications and / or data processing in the cloud a plus
  • Understanding and use of APIs in large-scale distributed systems a plus
  • Experience with RESTful web services and the JSON data format a plus
  • Experience with network protocols preferred
  • Familiarity with Linux-based systems and mobile applications (iOS and Android) preferred
Additional information:
Interested candidates should submit a resume by email to: iobs@tumo.org  and career@rau.am
In the subject line of the email, please mention "QA Engineer". Only candidates who are shortlisted for interviews will be notified.
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